Sunday, May 8, 2011

2 weeks to go, 100 pounds down.

Well it certainly has been a long time since I last wrote on ye olde blog. If you've missed me, I am back. We have a new majority conservative government, I told all my Liberal friends and family members the Libs had no chance in this election. After the Tories won, the Sun actually rose the next day, and Stephen Harper did not begin his plans of building a Death Star.

Anyways onto the blog. I am about 2 weeks away from my first 10k run. I am not too sure how to gauge this run as I have really no clue about pacing. A lot of my treadmill runs have been close to 1hr yet the one time I ran at an indoor track, I was at 55 min 45 secs. So I have really no clue what I am doing. I will run my best and be happy to finish I guess. Next goal is to run a half marathon. There is one in Edmonton at the end of August, but I am not sure that is enough time to essentially run double the distance I will run on May 29th. If anyone has any suggestions or helpful advice, I would really appreciate it.

As I said in an earlier blog, when I first moved to CL, I weighed close to 280 pounds. That was approximately 10 years ago. As of my last weightwatcher weigh in, I was 180 pounds. So nice to appear to have lost 100 pounds in the 10 years I have lived here. Realistically, I have lost the weight in about 7 years. Feels good! I have/had asthma. As I have become more fit, I have "thrown away" my inhalers and asthma medicine. I always felt I had "fatsma" as opposed to real asthma. This kind of proves my point that my issues around breathing was weight related. Now I have not REALLY thrown away the puffer, I just don't use it unless I am in dire trouble.

Now some people think that at 180 pounds I should stop losing weight. My wife, sister, and secretary at school are just 3 people who think I have lost enough weight. However, my max BMI weight should be 170 pounds. This is to have a BMI below 25 which is overweight. When I look in the mirror, I still see quite a bit of fat in the old gut area. Now I know what people are saying, you may become Manorexic. I will not go past 165 - 170 for fat loss. I have started to lift a little weight to help with the fat loss, but really if you have fat on your body, should you not try to lose it? The guy who plays Thor has like no fat. I can handle looking like that.

Anyways enough of a ramble for this week. That's the world as I see it! Drop me a line at rbailey(at)


  1. Runner's World online has great training tips, but I also recommend John Stanton's running book (he's the guy who opened the Running Room). There are trainings schedules in the book that help you gauge your mileage based on the time you'd like to finish at.

  2. After you finish your 10K let's talk. I have have some really great half-marathon programs that do not mean having to give up your life to train.