Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playbook Has Arrived and I'm 185!

Well, I bought a new Blackberry Playbook. I preordered from Staples. I know this will sound a)unbiased and b)uneducated, but so far I LOVE this tablet.

1) Screen size is too small? At 7 inches, the screen is smaller than an IPAD screen. However I do not have any issues looking at the screen. Things are not cramped or crowded at all. I also like that I can hold the tablet in landscape or the portrait style with one hand.

2) The swiping of the tablet, took about 1 minute to get used to. I found that if I swiped in a controlled method, I could easily get the tablet to do as I wanted.

3) Cameras. These cameras take really great pictures. I feel that Blackberry is saying "Hey we're not just for business people. Take some fun pics with this." Ya it doesn't have the Apple photo booth, but at times I just want a "normal picture" Front camera at 1080P and 3MP and a back camera at 1080P and 5MP kicks the tar outta the Ipad

4) Rubberized backing - Apple Fanboys who reviewed this said they didn't like the rubberized back as it felt too "toy like" I like the gripability of the tablet.

5) Power Button - I read a few reviews where people said the power button is too small. I guess if you have sausage fingers like Bilbo Baggins, you may have an issue with the power button. As a guy with medium to large sized hands, I had 0 issue getting the PB to power up.

6) Apps - Now of course there is not as many apps on the PB App store as there is for Apple's store. However, there are some really neato apps on the app store. There is also way more selection that BB's smartphone app store.

7) Wi-Fi only - To me this is not an issue, with internet tethering and/or Blackberry Bridge, I can access the internet anytime. I always have my phone with me, and the tablet being wifi only so far is perfectly fine for me since I can access wifi at both home and work.

Overall for me as a fairly knowledgeable tech guy, I would definitely say that this is a great tablet!

Like a friend of mine said, it doesn't matter what tablet a person owns, if it does everything you need it to do, it is worth the money.

In other news for weight loss, I am now currently 185 pounds. I was originally going to have my endpoint be 180. After talking to my doctor, I will now be going for 170 pounds as my end as this puts me at a BMI of 25 which is the high end of healthy.

That's the world as I see it.

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