Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10% Off Sale and Why Are We Having an Election?

When you get a text from a friend saying where is a new blog post, you feel like maybe it has been too long between updates.

Currently I am in Week 7 of 12 for Weight Watchers round 1. I say round 1 because I paid for 3 months and after the 3 months I will probably go to the monthly rate. This is to help me to maintain my weight at my desired level.

Big milestone coming up this week. I will officially on Thursday, barring an unforeseen weight gain, hit the 10% mark.  This will mean I have lost 21.5 pounds in 7 weeks. Pretty good from where I stand. I have been sick this week so I have not been able to run like I would like to. 60 days left until I run my first official 10k race, so I think I have lots of time to prepare after my illness goes away. My current 10k time is 55:44. Pretty good, but I would like to do better since last years 10k winner in my age won in a little over 30 minutes.

In other news, the federal Conservative Party of Canada was defeated by Larry, Moe and Curly of parliament. I will let you decide who is who. The coalition feel it is their time to shine. We have a "canadian" who has returned to Canada to lead the country. I like to call him King Mike. We have a guy who's party has really had 0 relevance on a national level. That's the lapdog Jack "Russell Terrier" Layton, and we have a man who has set as his only purpose to separating Canada. Let's look at each party as a whole.

Liberals - They had a looooooong run as the government while I was in high school. They had what seemed a majority forever and in the end they really only pandered to Ontario, Quebec and maybe some of the east. Now King Mike wants his turn to lead the country.

NDP - This party is like the proverbial always the flower girl, never the bridesmade kind of party. This party really hasn't had a chance in forming a government since.....forever. The best they did if I recall was when it was Ed Broadbent 1.0 running the party. No doubt they have their priorities. No doubt they want to help Canadians, but I already pay too much in taxes an NDP government would likely spend even more than the Cons and Libs combined. Sorry Jack, you will remain someone else's lapdog.

Bloc - How this party continues to win seats in parliament is beyond me. This group is really only effective when there is a minority government. Why they would want to force an election is beyond me. They have 0 chance of forming the government alone, and political suicide will fall on the people who form a coalition government (not a coalition on the opposition) if they ever joined with a separatist party. Gilles "not Villeneuve" Duceppe should have voted for the budget because if the Tories, NDP or Libs form a majority, they could be irrelevant for 5 years.

Green - Um....good ideas, however I would imagine this party has a little more chance to win more seats than the NDP. They do have their hearts in the right place, but I just don't see how you can run an entire platform on greenness.

I looked at my MP's competition yesterday and the Liberal Candidate for our riding has sent out his brochure on what I can only assume is the Liberal platform this go round. On it, there were the typical cherry picks of green energy, save the environment and lower taxes. Of course everyone will promise that. What struck me as odd or maybe idiotic was the tax breaks the Liberals say they will give.

- Debt Forgiveness for Doctors in Rural Areas
- $3000 Tax Credit to Volunteer Firefighters.

Now please correct me if I am wrong, but the budget that the Liberals JUST voted down had BOTH of these in them. Does King Mike really think people are this dim to not see that he toppled a government that had been working with the 3 stooges for 7 years as a minority, only to use that governments very platform? Maybe his arrogance is so grandiose that he feels these are better ideas when he says them.

Clearly a Conservative Majority will put an end to his arrogance. I don't care who you vote for, just go out and vote. Voter apathy can be linked to the stooges forcing an election onto the public every 2 - 3 years. Don't let their ineptitude keep you away from the polls. Don't assume everyone else will go vote. Get up off yer duffer and vote for someone!

That's the world as I see it.


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