Friday, April 1, 2011

We Are All Made of Grits. Green is the Colour, Debating is the Game.

Well, if you haven’t heard by now, CBC has a poll we can all take to tell us which way we should vote in the upcoming election. I took the poll and to my surprise came out as Liberal. I thought hmm odd, but since I am not a fan of King Mike, and I lean more towards Darth Harper, I simply shrugged it off as some whacky online gimmick that can be ranked with me preferring pepsi over coke, or that I am Bulbasaur if I were a pokemon, or that I am Team Jacob when we all know I am Team Edward. Essentially what I am saying is, the tool is a joke.

Now a professor in Canada has stated that the poll shows no matter how you answer, you will get Liberal. We all know that CBC has a slight left-wing bias. My running joke when a friend asks if I heard CBC Radio the other day is always, sorry my dial doesn’t go that far to the left. So was it really a surprise that the CBC poll showed a little bias?

What we know now is that the person responsible for making the poll worked for King Mike, and that he feels there is no bias.

My very Liberal friend at school told me that this is not bias and that really I am more Liberal than I want to admit. I guess I am more NDP than I let on because I use public health care and I work in public education. This reminds me of a line from The Incredibles: “When everyone is super, no one is.” So if everyone is liberal, then really, no one is.

If CBC can really influence people with their glorified Facebook Poll, we will see only Liberals in the next Commons.

Poor Elizabeth May, she is very upset that her Green party has not been invited to the debates. Now personally I don’t care if she is in the debates or not. The “rules” for picking the parties for debate are basically that you need to have a sitting member in parliament. The Green party do NOT have a sitting member as of dissolution and as such, do not qualify for the debates. If they buckle to the pressure of the Green party, they better let every other party around into the debate. I’d love to hear the Communists vs the Rhinos vs the Jedi party.

I guess we will see how all this pans out.

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  1. Yep, I got Liberal too. I took the quiz again with different answers and still came up Liberal. A Liberal scam and they aren't even in office. Typical.