Friday, February 4, 2011

Mystery Building Coming Soon!

Well the South arena in our little town has been torn down. Just a few years back we were fighting to win Hockeyville to possibly spruce that little gem up. We never won and now the arena is no more. As the news reported it, it went something like this. "The walls of the south arena come down today making way for "the mystery building" to be built."

The demo for the south arena cost double what it was quoted. This was due to asbestos being found in the arena. It was like 50 yrs old or something so there's gotta be a ton of bad stuff in there. I thought to myself why couldn't they just get that spun out high school girl that burned the curling rink to the ground a few yeas ago to come demo the arena? I bet she would have done it for a 6 pack of Crest beer and a carton of De Maurier.

Now I thought to myself what could this mystery building be? I was hoping it would be a Future Shop, Best Buy or something of that variety. Then I thought, if it has to be a secret, maybe it is a huge adult emporium. I quickly dismissed this idea as there is a high school right next door to the proposed site. I asked my good friend Chris, who happens to be a councillor for the city about the mystery building. You would think friendship would trump red tape, it did not. Chris won't tell me what is going up in the spot so for now we all have to speculate. What do you think it is? Leave a comment below if you think you have an idea.

By the way, the building going up by the Lube Shop is a Wok Box/Taco Del Mar.



  1. Latest rumor I have heard is that the South arena is being replaced by a Holiday Inn Express.

  2. That 6 pack would have been a great idea! Save the demo money and build the new one at the energy centre. I wish they didnt shut down that arena, even though it was most definatelly not safe. It was pretty crappy but just had that hockey vibe every time i walked in. Definately my favourite arena to play at.