Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Watch Your Weight

So my wife and I decided to join weight watchers. Funny I used to watch my weight, it just kept going up and up. Like I said before I am not into why I eat I just knew I was eating too much and not exercising enough. As my wife put it, "Your iPod, your Nike+ sensor,are tools to help you lose weight, and weight watchers is another tool." Ok I will agree with her on that it is a tool. It is costing us 85 bucks each for 3 months. Like my wife says, you cant put a price on health. I am always skeptical when it comes to spending money, but I thought what the hay, I will try it.

     I really like the site at it is really easy to use and is kind of like a facebook for people wanting to lose weight. I have already made a new friend from Toronto and like me, he is a teacher trying to lose weight. One thing I noticed about weight watchers is that it is dominated by women. There seems to be very few guys on there. I am not sure if guys think its a "chick thing" to try to lose weight or if people just don't know about the plan.

     This is the plan. It is the NEW points plus plan from weight watchers. As it is you punch in your current weight and other important info, then it gives you points. I currently get 45 points per day to use as I please and an additional 49 points for the week as extra (for the anniversary dinner or V-day) when you may go over in a meal. You can also earn extra points by exercising that you can convert to food points. This makes sense because if you are burning a lot of energy you need to eat a little more. If you don't have time for meetings, the online is really good, you weigh in on a day you decide and you can use the forums for support.

So you may ask, is 45 points a lot? Well I ate only 16 points today so far.
Breakfast - 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with margarine and PB. a glass of milk and a banana.
Lunch - 2 Turkey bites, a whole bowl of pomegranate seeds, a yogurt, a cucumber and a diet pop
Supper - 1/2 turkey breast skinless and boneless, 2 cups of mixed greens as salad and 2 tablespoons of 0 point dressing.

At the end I still have 27 points left to eat. What does that mean in a McDonalds way? I could eat 4 hamburgers and use 28 points. I could eat 3 cheeseburgers and use 24 points, I could have a double quarter pounder meal with a large fry and a diet drink for 28 points. So I am notsure how to tackle this. I am not going to run out to McD for those,but maybe I can have a treat of ice cream tonight. I dunno. I guess if I am not hungry, why use the points? So most likely the points will not be used tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will have 3 pieces of toast. Who knows? I think my problem is I can pre determine breaky and lunch as I make them, but my wife decides what we eat for dinner and last night (Feb 8) I had 2 tacos that added to 21 points total, tonight my meal was a meager 4 points. So I guess that's how it will all go for now. I will bank points for dinner. If you are in the Cold Lake/Bonnyville area, look for the group I made on WW called Cold Lake and Bonnyville WW. If you are not in the area but want to add me as a friend, I am Bailrs on WW. I look forward to hearing from you.


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