Tuesday, February 22, 2011

34? I thought I was 35! Keeping motivated!

Well I am into the 3rd week of weightwatchers. So far I have lost 7 pounds and become the lightest I have been in over 15years and now, I am 1 pant size away from my high school pant size. I currently wear 34's from old navy.  Now I am I sure I could get down to the 32 if I could just find a way to lose the looser skin. I know, all things in time.

One thing that can wear on a person is not losing the weight fast enough. On the WW forums, people are always complaining about how they aren't losing fast enough. I always remind people you don't get fat overnight, you won't get thin overnight. Average healthy weight loss is pegged at about 1 to 2 pounds per week. Anything more I guess is bonus, but you shouldn't starve yourself. The opposite effect to what you want may happen. So how do I keep motivated. I am a fairly positive person, and when I want to do something I just do it. So motivation for me internally is not too much of a problem. I guess I like to think I motivate others into action. That I inspire others to do things they have not done before. My wife told me that all through high school, she never ran due to her asthma. She always had a doctor note excusing her. Well this past week for the first time in her life, she ran for 12 and 13 minutes in one session on the treadmill. She told me that it was because of my success that she pushed on. I am extremely proud of her and her successes she is having. Keep it up hun!

One thing I would like to stress to people. You need people. You need to find someone who is on the same program or goal. Trying to do this alone may not be wisest choice. If you have a spouse who wants to lose some weight or a friend looking to lose weight, heck a co-worker or an in-law wanting to lose weight, use them as your support system. Everyone needs support and help from time to time. Knowing you're not alone in your struggle to lose weight is very powerful.

I was very worried yesterday. While running on the treadmill, my Nike + stopped responding. I was wearing it around my shirt collar when it "fried". I thought "oh crap! my receiver is broken!" I looked in the receiver and it looked like I  had corroded it with sweat! Good news today is that the receiver works. I will not wear it around the collar again! I was so sad!

If you are reading my blog, I would love to hear from you. I wonder if I am typing to the abyss at times. If you want to get a hold of me and talk weight loss or ask how I do what I do, email me rbailey(at)telus.net


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  1. Interesting that you are down to 34 waist. I am currently headed in the opposite direction . This winter I have "ballooned". I now weigh 191 lbs and wear a size 34 pant. These are both lifetime highs for me. All due to "lack" of exercise this winter. I need to get moving like you are. Considering buying a treadmill or stationary bike so I get my exercisae in.

    Keep it going!!!